Portugal Is GREAT For FAMILIES – Exploring Lousã For FREE!

ℹ️ Portugal in the summer is fantastic for families! One thing we’ve noticed is that even the best attractions around the country seem to be free. Not everything of course, but amazing river beaches, waterfalls, hikes in the mountains with sanctuaries and chapels overlooking ravines with amenities around like toliets and lifeguards on duty and there is no entry fee! That’s amazing.
On this day we explored Lousã in the Coimbra district and it was fantastic. There was so much to explore there that we’ll have to come back several times to see all the highlights of the area. But this day we saw Baloiço da Piscinas de Nossa Senhora da Piedade and the Castelo of Lousã and some of the surrounding scenery.
We’ll be back soon!

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