WEIRD ENGLISH THINGS That Seem Ridiculous Since Living Abroad

You won’t believe some of the crazy weird English things that we never noticed before. But since living abroad for many years and speaking with people from different countries, it is clear, England is weird! 😀

First of all, we have a chimneys built into almost every house and yet we almost never use them. The fireplaces are all bricked up.

Next, people rarely say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ these days and tend to say , ‘Alright?’ & ‘CHEERS’ Instead.

Also we never committed fully to the metric system, so all our measurements are out of whack and mixed up.

We have a super weird measurement for body weight measurement called a Stone which is equal to 14 lbs (So 10 Stone is 140lbs). So many English people still weigh themselves in Stones based on some ancient trading law from the 1800’s.

Then another odd thing, our bathroom light switches are just strings hanging from the ceiling. :-S Nowhere else in the world have I seen such an odd switch.

We also have ON / OFF switches on our power socket outlets which seems unnecessary.

And then it get’s really dumb with our separated Hot and Cold, old fashioned taps that are a nightmare to use. It’s either 3rd degree burns to the face or a freezing ice bath unless you put a plug in and mix the water in the sink. 😀

It really is funny how we never noticed how weird England’s quirks were before doing a bit of traveling.

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