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🔴 When we started planning our return to Thailand, some asked why we would bother when our daughter Story was so young? Within moments of setting off on this journey we already knew we made the right choice to travel with our kid. Her excitement about the new animals that she was going to meet was heartwarming to see and hear. Story is already very kind and compassionate but we feel she is just at the beginning of her developmental journey and now is the perfect time to soak in the wonders of Thailand and the world.
We took a direct flight with EVA Air this time and ordered the vegan meal set which was actually pretty good. When we arrived in Bangkok we got one of our friends who runs a taxi service to take us straight to Hua Hin where we used to live.
You can check out Ripley’s Taxi service here https://m.facebook.com/Ripleys-Taxi-Thailand-223965004824375/
As soon as we arrived at our home for the night we immediately felt at home. It was like we never left, but this time we had Story with us. She was an excellent traveler and really made us proud.
Without a doubt the thing that Story enjoys the most is meeting new animals and because we were staying with our friends at Sea Harmony Eco house she got an amazing experience getting up close to Tortoises and the friendliest French bulldogs. We love Sea Harmony and highly recommend staying there. We booked our stay online and had the most comfortable few nights.
Check out Sea harmony here
We hope you’ve enjoyed the first leg of our Asian Journey as we have plenty more beautiful moments to share. #TheWandering8 is going to be a collection of fantastic family travel memories to keep forever, but we also wanted to make these videos useful to others watching too. So we will keep sharing tips and tricks as we go to help you decide how you can begin an epic adventure like this one yourself.
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Thank you all for joining us on this journey, and we’ll see you on the next video soon.

Love from our family

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