What will she buy with ₱1000? We challenge 4 Year Old Story to spend her birthday money wisely in the shops. With full freedom to buy whatever she wants if she can afford it with 1000 Pesos. We thought it would be an excellent chance for her to learn the value of money and some adult social skills too!

Can you guess what she bought?

We also take a moment to give you an update on our situation here in the aftermath of Typhoons Rolly & Ulysees. We are safe from the storms here on Siargao island, and wanted to show you guys how we plan to help the Filipino family’s that have been severely effected by the devastating floods and winds of the recent natural disasters.

We researched ways to give back some of the help and love we’ve received here in the Philippines. In the process we found the PROJECT PEARLS ‘Adopt’ a Filipino family campaign where you can gift 1000 Pesos to a family in need. An adopted family will receive the following:
1. Grocery Pack good for a family of 6-8
2. Lunch packs
3. Gifts for all the children
DONATE HERE: https://2020-adopt-a-pearls-family.causevox.com/story-ember-elhaj

We felt like this was relevant because Story spent 1000 pesos for her birthday and this is an equivalent amount that shows the real value of the money that we spent.
That link above is Story’s link 🥰, she’s trying to raise $1000 to help the families that need it. If you have a moment to check it out. We will be showing her how fund raising works through her page.

There are also dedicated campaigns for the Typhoon Rolly & Ulysees causes and the website is well set up to receive donations internationally as well as here in the Philippines. We are also donating in this way and hope that it will really make a difference to some of the lives of people suffering at this time.

Our names are Jmayel, Sacha & Story. We traveled to Siargao island with Jmayel’s mum (Story’s grandma) just before the Global pandemic that sent the whole planet into quarantine. We got stranded for months and fell in love with island life, now we want to make that life more permanent.

Follow us on this journey 🙂

Sacha, Jmayel, Story & Eden are a young Vegan family currently living in the Philippines. Creating a peaceful vlog about travel, family and life.

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