Say Thanks With Coffee And Cake 😀

2 Coffees – But No Cake 😉


We like to watch our figures, so sometimes 2 coffees prepared by the pro’s is more than enough. No cake this time…

2 Coffees – With Cake 🙂



We can let the healthy diet slide this time! After all, whats the point of exercise if you can’t treat yourself to coffee with cake. We’ll work it off later 😉

2 Special Coffees – With multiple luxury sweet treats! 😀


Diet? What diet? All I can see right now is cake and milky coffee’s.







Give us CAKE! Did someone say the words ‘extra espresso’ shot’ ArrrGGGGHHHHHH

… In reality £25 goes way further than just cakes. So gift us this much and you can be assured it will go toward getting us out and about creating content for your viewing and reading pleasure. Just Follow The Journey and see where the wind takes us next 🙂


Just Enter Any Amount Y’all Want :-O



At the request of you guys we’ve added a button that lets you choose any amount you want. You have full choice as to the currency and quantity too. Thank you so much for pledging toward our work. As you know we publish 5-6 YouTube Videos per week on a daily schedule and this will help us to keep making content for you all to consume.

Love you guys

J, Sach, Eden & Story