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The Cinematic Documentary of when Irma El-haj returned to Burma after almost half a century

‘44 Years from Kamayut’ is a very special episode of ‘8 miles from home’. Documenting the journey of Jmayels mother ‘Irma El-haj’ as she returns to her home town & country of birth; Kamayut township in Yangon, Burma.

Read the emotional tale here. 

Having left Burma/Myanmar over 44 years ago during a time of conflict and not returning since, the trip was long overdue. 

She embarked on this journey to rediscover the home she had stored in memories from almost half a century ago. Memories of a good childhood with her mother & father growing up in ‘3rd street’ in Kamayut. Losing her Ruby ring as a teenager in the pond near to her home, and a vivid picture of the 3 year old local boy ‘Bpoun Saa’ that used to eat breakfast at her home completely naked.

During her stay with 2 local families in Yangon, she met Cho Cho, Tin Tin and their relatives whom are contacts of friends she knows in the UK. They welcomed Irma with the greatest hospitality and showed her the Yangon that it is today. She then met with Lydia, a young girl from Bethel who showed her the way to her home street in Kamayut.

After 4 days in Yangon, Irma ventured north to see the parts of the country she had never seen before. Namely the ancient temples of Bagan. Watching the sunsets with Badru, Jmayel & Sacha El-haj, they all had time to reflect on the amazing journey they had experienced together as a family…

This cinematic account of Irmas return to Burma is dedicated to Doris Grace Hannay. Irmas mother, who can be seen briefly in ‘8 miles from home episode 1’. Physically unable to make the journey herself, this movie will allow her to see the world she left behind so many years ago.

To read the written accounts of Irmas return to Burma you can find Part 1 & 2 here:

Part 1: Irma returns to Burma – The Story of one woman’s return to Myanmar after 44 years away.

Part 2: Beauty in the Backstreets – One Woman’s search for the path to Kamayut.

Watch Episode 10 – Meet the Parents

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-Jmayel El-haj 

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