Laptop & Computer Repairs in Chiang Mai

As well as purchasing them, Computer City is the place for Laptop & Computer repairs in Chiang Mai 

When our back up laptop started making noises similar to our 40 year old car, we realised that it might be time to look up a place where the techno-wizards lie.

computer repairs chiang mai
Computer repairs in chiang mai

For video making & photographing bloggers, our laptops are key items in our inventory list, second place only to our heavy camera gear. So it was off to the north side of Chiang Mai Old City to find the heavily recommended ‘Computer City’.

The Electrical haven was easy to find, occupying several units the building itself is fairly large and right by the roadside. We pulled into the relatively small car park and walked into the fan cooled computer shopping centre.

computer repairs chiang mai

As soon as the doors open you know you are surrounded by experts. Large signboards with abbreviated text proudly displaying CPUs, RAM & MHz on all corners, laptops in neat rows under bright lights and nerdy looking guys concentrating on the smoking solder rising from circuit boards.

Surprisingly we didn’t get heckled by any salesman, the most forward tactic we encountered was a shallow nod in our direction accompanied by a slow hand movement gesturing towards the sellers electrical wares. This was a reconnaissance mission, we hadn’t intended to spend any money that day. Just find out where the most viable laptop hospital (or hospice) might be.

computer city doorinside computer city chiang mai

If you need a RAM upgrade, Hard Drive Recovery, Motherboard replacement or just a new laptop, computer or accessories. It was all available there. We decided to buy a cooling pad for our Laptop.

cooling pad laptop

They are available all across Thailand but we haven’t seen them as cheap as they were in Computer City. Just 59 Baht for a white plastic stand with a fan integrated under a black grill.

testing the laptop cooling pad

It doesn’t have the most powerful fan on earth but it is ultra quiet and creates an adequate airflow in between the laptop and our laps! You get what you pay for right.

laptop cooling pad

Computer City didn’t disappoint and it is now the most likely place for us to head when we have some spare coin to return our back up machine to its former glory.

To Find ‘Computer City’ all you need to do is walk, drive, ride or taxi to the northwest corner of Chiang Mai’s moat road. On the outer side there are large signboards displaying technological products and promotions. It’s pretty easy to see, even from a car.

Computer City is open from 10am – 8pm. Although i’m not sure if that applies everyday. The salesman that we spoke to could communicate in broken english, so if you speak slowly (without patronising ;-0) you should be fine.

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