Eden at The Black House, Chiang Rai

Before heading home to Chiang Mai after our little jaunt to the very edge of Thailand to renew our passports, we drove to ‘The Black House’ 10km North of Chiang Rai city.
We had checked out of the hotel room at Ben Guesthouse and so Eden was coming with us.

the black house chiang rai
the black house

The Black House is an interesting build by local Chiang Rai artist Thawan Duchanee.  Wanting to create a ‘work of art’ that was inspired by the darkness of humanity, it certainly comes across. 
With dead animals, skins and bones strewn everywhere, it’s not for the squeamish.

Dogs are not allowed in the main room, the first building that you come to, however Eden was allowed to walk around the rest of the grounds.  Jmayel and I took it in turns to go and see inside the room while one of us stayed outside with Eden.  

the black house chiang rai

Greeted at first with a ginormous snake skin complete with head, chairs made from horns and animal skulls everywhere.  There was no lighting in the room, just the sunlight streaming in through the openings in the dark wooden structure which added to the eerie feel.

the black house chiang rai
the black house chiang rai the black house chiang rai
The Black House shuts for an hour at 12pm, having only arrived at 11:30am we were not ready to leave yet and so we bought some drinks at the cafe and waited until we were allowed back in. 
Eden made a friend, a little fluffy guy who we named Ruff Puff.  He was intent on sticking close by, intrigued by the new scent Eden had brought with her.  

dog in thailand 
dogs in thailand

The Black House is quite a different place to visit, we ended up spending a few hours there, there are many buildings scattered throughout the grounds and there’s certainly a lot to see.

black house chiang rai  the black house chiang rai

It is a complete contrast to the other popular Chiang Rai attraction, The White Temple.  

For more info on the Black House and directions of how to find it, read our 8 Miles from Home post…

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