Eden gets a haircut…

Living in Thailand, it wasn’t just myself and Jmayel that had to start getting used to the 30 degree+ heat.  
Eden, used to the good old chilly English weather, where rain, snow and temps below 15 degrees dominate most of the year with sun rarely making an appearance meant that Eden now doesn’t have much use for her fluffy English coat. 

Getting back into the hot season in Thailand, Eden was due for a bit of pampering and we booked her in for a grooming session at our local vets.  

We left her looking very shaggy and more like a fur ball than a dog and two hours later we picked up a sleek and very smooth puppy! Looking half her size with all the fur now gone she looked neater and much cooler!

Used to paying around 30 GBP for a grooming session back at home, we were very happy with the 350 Baht bill (7.50GBP)
This price included a full grooming session, wash, cut & dry.  She was left smelling like flowers for a full week after the grooming! 

Eden had her grooming done at our local vets, the Hang Dong Animal Hospital on highway 108. 

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