The Salad Concept Restaurant, Nimmanhaemin Road

Lettuce gets sexy at the Salad Concept Restaurant, Chiang Mai

salad concept chiang mai

Our first stop whenever we go to Nimmanhaemin Road is usually always the Salad Concept restaurant.

Ever since we first stepped foot in this health food/salad restaurant it has been a constant of ours over the last year in Chiang Mai and has become a firm favorite.

the salad concept chiang mai

From the health conscious menu you can pick one of the special salads, already created for you, Jmayel especially likes the grilled beef salad with Japanese soy dressing. 

As well as the set salads you can enjoy the novelty of being able to create your own from scratch with whatever ingredients fulfill your salad desires, a basic 5 leaf salad is your base for you to cover with toppings of your choice.  The first 5 toppings are included in the base price and then a small additional charge for each extra topping.  From pumpkin seeds to pasta, you can let your taste buds run wild, making up your own salad creation. 
To go with whatever salad you chose you get a choice of delicious fresh dressings, the Thai Mint dressing being the one I always go for.  Sooo good!   
It’s not all lettuce and vegetables though, there are meat and tofu options to bulk up your meal, as well as organic soups and whole wheat rolls.   

the salad concept chiang mai

The salad concept doesn’t just stop at healthy foods, the beverage menu is full of drinks to detox and cleanse, relax and refresh.  The smoothies are delicious, my personal favorite, the ‘Relaxing’ smoothie which tastes exactly like lemon sorbet!  

the salad concept chiang mai image

No health food restaurant would be complete without the dreaded wheatgrass shots and I have taken to having one each time we go in there, just to maximize my healthy experience.  J won’t touch them, but I’ve come to actually quite liking them, it tastes exactly how it smells…like a freshly mown lawn, and who doesn’t like the smell of cut grass on a summer’s day?!

the salad concept chiang mai

A meal at the salad concept will satisfy any appetite, with large portions of healthy goodness at reasonable prices, we always leave feeling more than satisfied.
It’s salad on a pimped up scale and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this place…plus your body will love you for it!   

the salad concept chiang mai

Open 11am – 10pm daily (closed every 2nd wed of the month) Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 13.

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