EVERY ‘New Parent’ NEEDS To Hear This Inspirational Message

🔴 Every new parent needs to hear this inspirational message 🔴
So many people seem to have an opinion on how we choose to parent our daughter, so instead of getting upset we decided to share a positive and inspirational parenting video to explain the reasons why we haven’t ‘settled down’ into what people would call a normal life.
Nobody really knows how to be a good parent, because the way the world works is constantly changing. So this is our message to the next generation parents. Based on Heraclitus philosophy on change, a Greek philosopher from the 6th century B.C.E that had this all worked out way back then, and his philosophy is still relevant today.
We like to think of what we are trying to do as motivational parenting, trying to do things differently to create a well rounded human that will be capable of true adaptability as she moves into her future.
We need to stop thinking like the old generation because the world we live in today is changing more rapidly than we’ll ever be able to comprehend. Before long, Story will be in a world that we won’t be able to understand either, and we want to prepare her for those changes by being able to adapt.
If stability is gained by having a constant, what is the only true constant in life?
Change itself. Change is the only true constant, that will always be there no matter what the future holds. We think preparing Story to adapt will make her ready for anything.

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