A Day In The Life – Our New Realistic Video Series

‘A Day In The Life’ is a supporting video series by us ‘8 miles from home’. Covering behind the scenes of the expat lives of a young married couple that moved to Thailand several years ago to start a new life. ‘ADITL’ was created to bridge the gap between cinematic episodes of ‘8 miles from home’, and also to share snippets of realistic life for two people living in rural north Thailand with their dog, and wherever else we may decide to live in the future. 

   This is the official trailer for that series, showing you a glimpse into the 3 different styles of video you can expect to see.
   1) ‘Behind The Lens’ is our Video Diary, it’s full of the good days and bad days of expat life in Rural North Thailand, full of personality.
   2) ‘Sights & Sounds’ is a ‘fly on the wall’ style audio visual journey with no music.
   3) ‘Real Time’ is unedited, uncut, honest footage of interesting places with the original sounds left untouched. So you get to see what it’s really like there.
   We hope you enjoy the new content 🙂

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