Asama Cafe, Chiang Mai

A Hidden Coffee Shop with very interesting Menu (Fizzy Ice Cold Espresso Anyone?)

asama cafe chiang mai

When we decided to attempt a Coffee Shop mission day (To see how many new Cafés we could visit in one day), the first place we successfully found was Asama Café. Hidden inside a quiet Moo Baan (Gated Neighbourhood Area) that looked like it had been partially abandoned, we were already excited to be on the trail of a coffee shop that had an interesting edge.

asama cafe chiang mai asama cafe chiang maiAsama Cafe is inside this gated Complex

asama cafe chiang mai asama cafe chiang maiSigns on the main road (Canal Road 121) 

After riding our noisy motorbike around in circles for several minutes, past beautiful looking homes that some had seemed to be left to ruin, we finally found the establishment.

asama cafe chiang maiThe outside of Asama Cafe

Asama Café is a tiny air conditioned, modernly designed room set in the same grounds as a popular Thai restaurant. There is enough seating for 4 people inside on a high bench next to the window and possibly 4 more on the opposite side, but that didn’t matter one bit when we saw the menu. I will cut right to the drink that made my eyes open in curiosity, the Sparkling Espresso, it sat comfortably in the specialty coffees section of the menu. We just had to try it!

asama cafe chiang maiSparkling Espresso 

Warning, if you are partial to caffeine headaches then try to sample this drink first thing in the morning before ingesting any other form of coffee. I say this because as seasoned coffee drinkers, Caffeine doesn’t seem to have much effect on us anymore, but this drink was on a different level. It was like drinking Champagne on an empty stomach, we were coffee drunk in seconds.

asama cafe chiang maiCue the coffee shakes…

The interesting combination of ice cold, strong, bitter espresso with carbonated tonic water forced the caffeine into our systems at lightning speed. It was really cool and definitely the highlight of Asama Café, I haven’t seen this drink anywhere else in Thailand so far, so if you are looking for a reason to visit and consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, go there and order it.

asama cafe chiang maiThe specialty Black & White – Recommended! 

The second time we visited Asama Café we tried another of the specialty options, namely the Black & White – a cappuccino served alongside an Espresso and a glass of sparkling water on the side.  The owner, also the name behind the cafe, proudly told us this is her own invention which has won her barista awards.  Another example of why Asama Cafe is great!  

asama cafe chiang mai

It is clear that Asama, who likes to be known as Mook, works the machine with skill.  She is truly passionate about her job and every drink comes out perfectly presented and aesthetically arranged on or in beautiful tableware. And the taste of the coffees is perfect, not too bitter and with a very smooth texture.

asama cafe chiang maiA double Cappuccino 

Another of Asama’s signature menu items is the Espresso Panna Cotta. An expertly made, silky smooth Italian panna cotta topped with espresso. Presented ice cold in a stylish glass, She only makes four of these each day.  The reason behind the limited product is to ensure each panna cotta is fresh and perfectly made.  So it’s first come first served on these little delights and we can 110% recommend them.  It was delicious.  

asama cafe chiang maiasama cafe chiang mai  asama cafe chiang maiEspresso Panna Cotta – Fantastic

If you want to try something a bit different, Asama cafe is the place to go. The menu is full of unique items, it is certainly coffee you won’t find anywhere else in Chiang Mai.  

Asama café also has a small outdoor seating area and swinging chairs overlooking a little river that leads to the famous Doi Suthep on the horizon. So there should be enough places to sit should you choose to visit.

asama cafe chiang maiasama cafe chiang maiOutside seating & view

Also make sure you check out the Coffee machine itself, we think it looks really cool.

asama cafe chiang maiA cool piece of machinery 

As well as fantastic coffee, Asama Cafe also has a small selection of cakes and cookies available to accompany your coffee.

asama cafe chiang maiCos everyone loves cake! 

Asama Cafe is open from 8am – 5pm every day, however they close on the 1st and the 16th day of each month.  

asama cafe chiang mai

The Thai restaurant in the same grounds is open from 9:30am – 2pm. 

Be sure to say “Hi” from us if you decide to head for coffee at Asama 🙂

Asama Cafe Map

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