Cheap Chiang Mai Apartment Tour #PET FRIENDLY

At 12k Thai Baht P/M We Know It’s Not The Cheapest Chiang Mai Apartment You Can Find. But Hey, A Pet Friendly Condo? = VERY RARE


When we first moved to Chiang Mai we were under the impression that if you have a dog, you need a house. Until we discovered this Pet Friendly condo in Chiang Mai, right in the heart of the action in the city.

Just a few minutes walk from Huay Kaew road and some of Chiang Mai’s best areas, Flora House is quite a good find for potential expats looking for a new home.

We actually booked a few nights stay here using and it gave us a chance to check out the room first hand before agreeing to any monthly rentals.


One of the first things we noticed was how large the apartment was. It has a huge separate indoor kitchen area with hotplate, toaster, kettle, microwave and fridge freezer. Along with a kitchen table, chairs and a sofa to chill out on. A large Wet Room style bathroom and an Air Conditioned bedroom with TV, mirrors, artwork and wardrobe space. Plus a balcony with a mountain view too. Watch the video to see it all first hand, and a little bit of the area around the apartments as well.


Monthly rentals cost 12,000 Thai Baht per month, plus utility bills on top. Internet is provided with the room cost. (Correct at the time of writing)

You also don’t need to lock yourself into a 12 month contract to rent these rooms, if they are available you take them on a monthly basis, perfect for people who aren’t sure where their adventure will take them next. 🙂


Hopefully you find this Chiang Mai Pet Friendly Apartment Tour Video useful 🙂

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