Chiang Rai Beach, North Thailand…

There is actually a beach in the North of Thailand, Chiang Rai Beach…crazy but true

It wasn’t until our 4th visit to Chiang Rai with Kamal And Michelle that we discovered the Chiang Rai Beach. 

I spotted the wooden signposts around town as we drove to our hotel, Ben Guesthouse, and after we checked out the following morning, before returning back to Chiang Mai after our visa run, we headed in the direction of ‘the beach.’

Being so far up in the North of Thailand, over 800km from the nearest Thai coastline, the thought of being on a beach was both appealing yet surreal.

When we arrived, sand, water and sunshine greeted us.  All the requirements of a traditional beach experience.  

A few bamboo massage huts and food stalls lined the top of the strip, but we were headed straight for the waters edge. 
The water being the wide gently snaking Kok River, the occasional boat passing by making the only waves to the shore. 
The Kok River eventually flows into the Mekong at Chiang Saen and forms a border with Laos. 

We pretty much had the place to ourselves, it was quiet, and the surrounding scenery quite impressive. 

Shade was in very short supply though, and it was incredibly hot standing out on the sands, with not a single cloud in the blue sky, the full 30 degree heat beamed down on us unrelenting.  
With a bit of preparation, a blanket to sit on and a shade umbrella and we could have spent an afternoon here quite easily.  Instead we stopped for just half hour, took some photos and retreated back to the car, a lot sweatier than when we arrived.

Our Google Map of Chiang Rai Beach

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