Unique Coffee Shop on the Mae Hong Son Loop

A hidden coffee shop, fire roasting beans the old fashioned way on the Mae Hong Son Loop 

Coffee shop mae hong son loopInside the coffee shop

If you don’t know by now of our love for coffee and hidden coffee shops then you clearly have some catching up to do! Seriously, where have you been? 😉

Idling away a couple of hours in a new coffee shop or returning to one of our favorite haunts for an afternoon catching up with each other after days spent in the house in front of our individual computer screens, is one of our most preferred activities.  

It’s the smell of the coffee, making the air into an aromatic perfume that welcomes you in.  The sound of the machine grinding the beans into fine grains of coffee sand, whirring into your ears and mixing with the hissing of the milk as it’s made into fluffy clouds.  The clink of a spoon against the mug, as you stir the sugar into the bitter brown liquid or watch the fresh milk make white swirls in the dark as it seeps and blends.

Coffee shop mae hong son loop   Coffee shop mae hong son loopCoffee!

A frothy cappuccino dusted with flecks of cinnamon or a luxurious latte adorned with shapes and patterns.  But sometimes, just a simple, strong, black, freshly ground coffee, the steam rising over the top of the mug to fill my nostrils with the intoxicating coffee scent is what I like.  Do you get the picture now?!   
So you can easily imagine my delight when we joined a big bike motorcycle tour around the Mae Hong Son loop to hear the words ‘unknown coffee shop’ & ‘really great view with coffee’ come out of the tour guides mouth as our next designated pit stop.  

Coffee shop mae hong son loopMae Hong Son Loop Coffee Shop

We wound the bikes around some of the many curves in the road as we made our tracks towards this coffee shop.  We whizzed through shadows made by the trees, past bend upon bend of northern Thai landscape and after an hour of riding pillion on the back of Jmayels Kawasaki Ninja 650, we came to a stop outside a wooden, un named (In English) coffee shop.  Looking sparse and un remarkable from the outside, I wandered up to the front and ordered two Americano coffees.  It was then after being told to take a seat inside I saw what we had been brought here for. 

Coffee shop mae hong son loopCoffee Menu

The rustic interior boasted an astounding view, I would go as far to say it was one of the best scenes yet in Thailand.  The bamboo seating area overlooked the beauty and a bamboo swing was hanging inside from the roof.

Coffee shop mae hong son loopThe great view 

Besides the view, which alone would have been worth the ride to get here, this little place had another secret inside which set it apart from all other coffee shops we have been too.  The fire pit in the floor, complete with smoldering embers, which were keeping the cast iron kettle full of freshly roasted coffee beans heated. 

Coffee shop mae hong son loopRustic kettle full of roasting coffee beans

A rich smoky aroma diffused throughout the interior, which just so happens to be one of my favorite smells.  A bonfire-y, woody and almost wintery smell that reminds me strangely of home in England.   

Coffee shop mae hong son loop image
Resident sleepy cat on cushion!

Coffee shop mae hong son loop
Bamboo seating area, we could sit here for ages!

I sat on a tree stump, a chipped and colour faded mug of strong coffee grasped into my palm, warming my skin.   My hair matted and flat from hours of motorbike riding, my skin tingling and gritty with specks of dirt from the road.  Yet here I was, engrossed in a hint of heaven.  It doesn’t take much to make me genuinely happy, and this was one of those little moments.

imageJmayel with his mug of coffee

We have already revisited this shop for a second time, taking some of our friends from England who were staying with us, they loved this little place and were especially fond of the view from the loo! 

imageParked up outside

Driving the car instead of bikes second time round meant we had Eden with us, who also enjoyed the visit!

imageEden at the secret Cafeimage
 A doggy friendly sign 

image   imageEnjoying the view with Eden

Watch the video we made of the Big Bike Tour: 

Check out the google map below of where this coffee shop is and make sure to stop next time you drive the Mae Hong Son loop, or even go out of your way to pay a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

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