The most Romantic Hotel in Chiang Mai – Panviman Spa Resort

My search for Chiang Mai’s most romantic hotel room began one month before Sacha’s 30th Birthday

romantic hotel, PanvimanThe amazing ‘pool villa’ room 

On such an iconic turn of age I knew the room would have to be special, also Sacha’s birthday being so close to Valentine’s day we often combine the celebrations, which increased the demand for romanticism.

I knew the room had to offer a select few key elements, features that I would always associate with romance. These were a Jacuzzi Bath with a view, a private pool with a view and a large comfortable bed with… guess what, an amazing view. So the search began.

Before long I had come across what was possibly the perfect place, but I didn’t realise how nice the experience was going to be until we actually arrived at the Panviman Resort and Spa Chiang Mai.

romantic hotel, PanvimanPanviman Resort

As we pulled up outside the resort following a scenic 40 minute drive around the Samoeng loop, we were met by a friendly security guard who assisted us with our luggage and camera equipment, loading them carefully into the back of a golf buggy which lovingly transported us up a steep incline to the hotel lobby. The location of the lobby itself was stunning, featuring a beautiful four posted seating area draped with large white curtains overlooking a stunning view of the Thai countryside.

romantic hotel, PanvimanStunning views around the hotel

We checked in and then once again embarked on a golf buggy escort to our accommodation, the Pool Villa Room. As soon as we walked into the room we had stretched smiles across our faces. To the left sat a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi bath looking out toward the mountains, to the right was a huge airy space with the bed positioned in line with a private infinity swimming pool that dropped out onto a picture perfect scene of North Thailand’s beautiful landscape.

romantic hotel, PanvimanHuge bathroom with Jacuzzi tub 

It was exactly what we were looking for. We didn’t do much while we were there, we didn’t need to, the view was so stunning that it seemed like a crime to not spend every minute possible enjoying what the Pool Villa Room had to offer.

romantic hotel, PanvimanGorgeous room with a view! 

The afternoon sun was blanketing the terrace with its amber glow so we took the opportunity to photograph the scene and then jumped into the infinity pool for a swim.

romantic hotel, Panviman

Enjoying our private terrace 

romantic hotel, Panviman

I must admit, without a heated pool even in Thailand’s winter it was too cold to stay in there for long, but we made up for that with a blazing hot Jacuzzi bath, drinking glasses of our favorite sweet wine while the Jacuzzi massage jets rumbled beneath the surface of the water.

romantic hotel, Panviman

romantic hotel, Panviman

romantic hotel, PanvimanPrivate pool, the ultimate luxury! 

Afterward Sacha opened all her birthday presents on the private terrace as the sun gave way to a dusky glow across the mountains and countryside.

romantic hotel, PanvimanHBD to Sach! 

It was the most romantic place we have ever spent the night so far. We fell asleep on the comfortable bed with the curtains wide open knowing full well that the next morning, when the sunlight emerged once again we would be treated to another spectacular view of the country we have come to love so dearly.

romantic hotel, PanvimanView from the bed 

Watch our short Pool Villa Room Promo Video here

The Panviman Spa Resort info and prices

We stayed at the Panviman Spa Resort in Mae Rim for Sacha’s 30th birthday. We were put up in the hotel’s best room, the Pool Villa Room. By Thailand’s standards it wasn’t a cheap place to stay (18,407.82 THB for the room per night to be precise) But by western standards, for the amount of amazing features, the view and the quality of the service from the staff, the value for money at the Panviman Spa Resort is actually pretty amazing.

romantic hotel, PanvimanWorth every penny for a room like this 

I can’t think of anywhere in the west where we could get a Jacuzzi Bath overlooking the mountains, along with a large powerful stand up shower, a Private Infinity Pool and private terrace with sun loungers plus an outdoor table and chairs by the same view, posh bath robes, TV, Fridge and more and such a large space to enjoy it all in for less than £350 GBP per night.

romantic hotel, Panviman
Sach being pampered & spoilt on her birthday!

Besides the amazing room, the resort grounds themselves were also fantastic. They had a mini organic vegetable farm, a life sized outdoor chess board, mini golf, a gym with a view, two beautiful swimming pools, an education and conference center, a health track circuit complete with steep hills, various pull up bars and monkey bars, one of the best hotel breakfasts we have ever had.

romantic hotel, Panviman

romantic hotel, PanvimanPanviman grounds 

To top it off an award winning Spa where Sacha experienced her first ever professional massage.

romantic hotel, PanvimanOutside the spa

She chose the Lanna Exotic Therapy which cost 1,500 THB for 60 mins, which included a free foot cleanse and a delicious ginger tea and biscuit afterwards.

romantic hotel, PanvimanStarted off with a foot cleanse 

We received a 300 THB discount voucher for the spa because we were guests at the hotel but with a 17 % value added tax on top it brought the price back down to just below 1,500 THB again. As this was Sacha’s first ever massage in Thailand she had nothing to compare it against, but after 60 minutes of being pampered in one of Thailand’s highest ranking Spas she was very impressed with how it felt.  

romantic hotel, PanvimanThe spa lobby 

Again, obviously there are much cheaper massages available in and around the old city but by western standards it was great value for money. Sacha was very pleased with her Birthday Spa treatment.

Check out the availability and current prices at Panviman Spa Resort here.

Pet Friendly Hotel?

Unfortunately the Panviman Spa resort isn’t pet friendly so Eden couldn’t join us on this particular outing. However there is a lovely looking resort opposite Panviman called Proud Phu Fah Hotel that does allow pets to stay. We hope to check it out soon 🙂

Proud Phu Fah Hotel

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