Huay Tung Thao Lake – Chiang Mai

Spend a morning or afternoon away from the Old City at Huay Tung Thao Lake – Chiang Mai

A drive around the rim of Chiang Mai on Canal Road last Thursday lead us to Huay Tung Thao Lake for our latest series of travel videos for

huay tung thao lake chiang mai
Sign by the roadside

With the sun shining and barely a cloud in the blue sky, the huge man made lake sitting at the base of Doi Suthep was a scene of tranquillity.   

Huay Tung Thao Lake chiang mai

A couple of fishermen perched themselves along the edge of the water, bamboo rods sitting motionless, waiting for a catch. 
A group of energetic cyclists clad in brightly coloured lycra whizzed around the perimeter while a few visitors snapped away on cameras, enslaving the lake to memory for when they get home.

The only noise to be heard emanated from unidentifiable creatures sitting up in the trees, hiding from sight.  The easy chatter of Thai’s, flowing over the sizzle of chicken being grilled on the open barbeques at the food huts, preparing for lunch.  Stray dogs spread out lazily in the shady patches while others roamed looking for morsels, not yet discovered by their canine rivals. 

Bamboo huts fringe the water, their reflections cast in the ripples of the lakes surface.
When we arrived all but a couple of the huts were empty, waiting to be occupied by the locals.  By the time we were leaving though, well into lunch time, the huts had filled up and were now home to families setting up for the rest of the afternoon, food and drinks set out on the little bamboo tables and a few hardy children had ventured into the depths of the murky water for a swim.

Huay Tung Thao Lake Chiang Mai
Bamboo Huts 

Huay Tung Thao is a Chiang Mai haven.  Not frequented often by tourists, no tour buses turn up en-mass and encroach on the surroundings, it is more of a locals hang out. 
Simple food can be bought at a few places scattered around and pedal boats can be rented on the far side of the lake. 
There is also a place for ATV adventures around Doi Suthep and a jungle zipline. 

huay tung thao lake chiang mai
Pedal boats on the lake

The lake is safe to swim in, making it the place to be to cool off in the hot season, I’m not sure if I fancy jumping in though.  Full of an array of fish and aqueous creatures, the muddy looking water holds too many qualms for me.  I like to be able to see the bottom and know what I’m swimming with!    
Even if you don’t fancy a dip, Huay Tung Thao lake is a peaceful and pretty place.  Nice to come to chill out, get some snacks, have a walk, ride a bike or leisurely read a book while safely housed in a bamboo hut sitting atop the water. 

huay tung thao lake chiang mai
Us at the lake

We didn’t take Eden with us as we had heard somewhere that dogs were not allowed, turns out they are, they are just not allowed to swim in the lake.  So next time we go, Eden will be joining us for a day out.

huay tung thao lake chiang mai

Entry to the lake is 20 baht, the hut closes at 5pm though so you can get in for free after that and it makes a nice stage to watch the sunset over the glassy waters. 

huay tung thao lake chiang mai
Sunset over the lake 

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Huay Tung Thao Lake features in our video, Chiang Mai – Local Gems.  

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