Mae Salong Thailand – A Father Daughter Journey

A road trip from Chiang Mai to Mae Salong, Cinematic video Episode 14

When Robert Bloor, Sachas father, decided to visit Sacha & Jmayel in Chiang Mai. He didn’t come with a plan. Happy to just meander around their home town. But as with all their guests, Rob was about to be given a tour of the North. This time heading to the beautiful Tea Plantations of Mae Salong.

In this episode Sacha explains how it felt to spend those quality days with her father. The first member from her family to come to visit her in Thailand.

After a brief stop in Chiang Rai, a cross over to Tachileik in Myanmar and a drive through Chiang Dao. They arrived at their destination at Maesalong Mountain Home. The beautiful bungalows overlooking the Tea Plantations and mountains surrounding them. It was a trip to remember…

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