Terracotta Arts Garden in Chiang Mai – Baan Phor Liang Meun

A hidden secret garden in the center of Chiang Mai filled with terracotta art

After having breakfast of fluffy wholegrain pancakes at one of our favorite cafes in the old city, Good Morning Chiang Mai, we discovered a seemingly forgotten garden, filled with ancient looking, moss covered, terracotta treasures. 

terracotta garden chiang mai

This hidden terracotta garden sitting just behind Chiang Mai Gate is in fact a terracotta arts studio and outdoor showroom called Baan Phor Liang Meun and it belongs to the large teak house opposite the garden, which is also a shop and indoor showroom.   

terracotta garden chiang mai

There are hundreds of exquisite artifacts inside the gated grounds, beautiful sculptures of Hindu & Buddhist artifacts and fantastic examples of South East Asian Art. 

terracotta garden chiang mai

terracotta garden chiang mai

terracotta garden chiang mai

You would be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into a realm of years gone by, an overlooked piece of Chiang Mai swarming with history and tales.

terracotta garden chiang mai

Yet all the items in the garden can be purchased, if you have a few thousand baht to spare or are specifically looking for some terracotta artwork, this is the place you need to head for.

terracotta garden chiang mai  terracotta garden chiang mai

If you are not intending on purchasing, you can still walk around this magical oasis in the city, and enjoy the cooler air and lush, leafy surroundings inside this artistic enclosure. 

terracotta garden chiang mai

It is a fantastic place for photography, budding photographers would be hard pressed to not come away with at least a few good shots as it is filled with rustic photographic opportunity.   

terracotta garden chiang mai  terracotta garden chiang mai

Entry is free, as there really isn’t an ‘entry’ as such, you can just walk into the garden straight off the street and instantly feel like you have been transported to a different land for a while.  

Terracotta Garden Google Map

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