A Unique Coffee Shop Experience in Chiang Mai

Praw & Plean Green House Cafe – This Unique Coffee Shop is a Chiang Mai Garden Oasis 

On a recent drive outside of the city that we now call home we found a rather special little place, a unique coffee shop, just a short and scenic journey from our house, towards the mountains.  

unique coffee shop

When out one leisurely afternoon after returning from our trip to England, we saw signs along the roadside that pointed towards this new café.  Signs that promised cake and coffee and as a general rule, signs of this nature must always be followed.  

unique coffee shop

We meandered down the winding quiet roads for a couple of kilometers, past wooden shacks and chickens roaming free, it was then, as we were surrounded by nature at its best that we found the lovely Praw & Plean Green House.

unique coffee shop

A pretty and picturesque, shabby chic styled café filled to the brim with quirky ‘bits & bobs’ plus a nice garden area with big fish pond.

unique coffee shop unique coffee shop

unique coffee shop unique coffee shop

unique coffee shop unique coffee shop

Styled like a vintage summer house, I felt like I was sitting at the bottom of a secret garden, just waiting to be discovered.     

unique coffee shop

The café serves good Thai food and although the choice of cake was limited, we shared a slice of cherry cheesecake after our delicious lunch, washed down with coffees.

unique coffee shop

unique coffee shop unique coffee shop

We stayed at our little table in Praw & Plean for hours, deep in conversation, enjoying our location and the chilled atmosphere in the cafe. 

unique coffee shop

Looking out the window into a sea of green grass and trees, Jmayel and myself realized that we had co-ordinated our outfits unintentionally to our surroundings. 

unique coffee shop

A green T shirt for J teamed with a long green dress for me, when we got up that day we must have known that we would be ending up at the Green House Cafe!    

unique coffee shop image

Sitting away from the café, deep in the foliage is ‘The Green House’ A large furnished house that can accommodate up to 10 people with indoor kitchen and bathrooms and available for rent.  

unique coffee shop

We went to check it out and I loved that there was a hanging chair outside and lots of outdoor living space. 

unique coffee shop

I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at this friendly café and will be going back for some more delicious food very soon.  

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