Our top 5 ‘Best Cafes in Bangkok’ West of the River

It will come as no surprise that I am writing a ‘top 5 cafes in Bangkok’ post after our recent move to the big city.  It is no secret that we love a cup of the caffeine fueled brown stuff and so seeking out coffee shops near to our new temporary home was top on our list of things to do after arriving here.


We wasted no time and within a couple of weeks had discovered some great finds which I will now gladly share with you.

Now if you are reading this post to find a new uber cool, chic cafe on Sukhumvit Road or in the buzzing central areas of this urban metropolis that is Bangkok, you will be disappointed.
Our apartment is located 10km outside of Central Bangkok, so this post is for anyone wanting to find a new area in which to enjoy an afternoon coffee.

Below are our top 5 cafes in Bangkok, West of the River:

1. La Memoire 

Kicking off, we have La Memoire Cafe, i have put this one at the top of the list as it is the first cafe we discovered a couple of days after moving into our condo. Just a couple of minutes along the same road as our apartment, we were super happy to see such a nice, modern looking coffee shop in our area.


La Memoire serves up some fantastic coffee, all the classics such as Cappuccino and Cafe Latte yet also offers something a little different in their ‘Melt Me Slowly’ drinks, with a choice of coffee, cocoa or Matcha ice cubes supplied with a glass of warm milk in which to melt your own ice cubes.


Most of the drinks can be made Frappaccino style too, for when the weather is just far too warm for consuming a hot coffee.


The outside garden setting at La Memoire is very nice, with fans, a waterfall feature and lots of trees providing some much appreciated shade it is definitely one of our favorite cafes in which to enjoy a coffee in Bangkok.


The small interior of the cafe provides a couple of tables where you can cool down in the A/C and also, when shes not roaming around the garden, you will find the coffee shop owners gorgeous little Shih Tzu, aptly named Latte.


The Owner and staff at La Memoire are lovely and make you feel welcome as soon as you arrive, the coffee is always brought out with a smile and when you are asked how your coffee was with real interest, you know they take a lot of pride and care over their business which shows in the very well made beverages.


La Memoire is definitely worth seeking out, if not for the coffee, then for the amazing chocolate concorde cake and other tempting sweet treats.

Great coffee, great cakes, relaxing garden setting and friendly service puts La Memoire firmly at the top of our list and keeps us going back for more.

Price for a Cappuccino: 60THB 


2. Shaker Cafe

Our second discovery was Shaker Cafe.  This newly established cafe is worth heading too, especially if you are a fan of flavored coffees, frappacinos and quirky named beverages, as the cafe has a large menu which is largely dedicated to them.


We have been to this cafe a few times now, trying a different drink each time. Jmayels current favorite is the ‘Skull Shaker’ a large coffee made with 3 shots of espresso.


The coffee quality is very good and they also sell bags of coffee beans, which is great for us as we like to grind up our own beans for homemade coffees on days when we find work taking over and we don’t venture outside.


We purchased a bag on one of our visits and were very happy with them, we are actually almost out, so I see us heading back there soon to stock up our coffee bean jar once again.


Another drink to note which i had on my first visit to the cafe is the ‘English Gentle Frappe’ Early Grey Tea made frappaccino style. very nice and something I hadn’t seen elsewhere.


Overall Shaker Cafe is a great place to check out, from the cool signage, the stylish entrance and the leather seated interior, we find it is in a bit of a tricky location to get to with not much else of interest nearby, but the cafe itself should be more than enough to make the journey worth it.


Price for a cappuccino: 85THB


3. Wild Coffee

Wild Coffee, this one has made the list as after La Memoire it is the closest to our apartment.  This cafe is all outdoor covered  seating in a garden setting, surrounded by foliage and cactus plants, there are plenty of seats to chose from and a large supply of (thai) magazines to flick through while you enjoy your coffee.


Wild coffee resembles an outdoor living room, the coffee made in a small shuttered building and brought over to you by the friendly staff.  A water fountain and lots of plants, hanging baskets and greenery all come together to create a nice place to sit.


Despite the garden area, it is still located quite close to a fairly busy road, so you do still have a lot of road noise and traffic, yet what really makes this cafe great for us is the coffee.


The cappuccino is the cheapest out of this list, and the price doesn’t reflect the quality by any means.   Served in a good sized mug, it is good well made coffee at a fantastic budget friendly 45 baht.


We like Wild Coffee, have visited a couple of times and as yet have not been disappointed with the quality of the coffee or the service.

Price for a cappuccino: 45THB


4. Marzocco

Marzocco, now this coffee shop may be lacking in the setting department, located in the Seacon Bangkae shopping mall, but it totally makes up for that with the truly amazing coffee.


We came across this small kiosk style cafe when we were shopping in the mall, drawn in by the cool sign and menu but didn’t stop as there were no seats available, so we went back another day and were delighted.
Marzocco wins hands down for the presentation and latte art on the coffees and there is just something about the coffee quality and taste that really sets it apart from all the others on the list.  This is coffee at its best.


Jmayel favors the Piccolo Latte, this small glass of deliciousness usually finds its way into his hands when we are in this shopping center, i have tried a few different coffees here, the flat white, cappuccino and machiato have all been very impressive.


This cafe also offers a choice of coffee bean, house blend or single origin which none of the other cafes on this list do. Another tick for Marzocco.

The only down side to this cafe is the location, yet if you are in a shopping mall, and you need a coffee hit, this is the kind of place you need to find.  On a plus side, it is a great spot for people watching.


The owners are also super friendly and will come over for a chat and they take a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the intricately designed foam art.


The coffee is also not overpriced despite the quality and has us making sure we stop by whenever we are nearby.


Price for a cappuccino: 69THB


5. Cafe Murasaki 

This Japanese inspired café has found its way onto our list
after we discovered it at the end of one of our weekly shop runs to our local
Big C Supermarket.


Located on the road opposite, it stands out among the
surrounding street stalls and caught our eye as we drove past.
The modern minimalist interior houses some comfy sofa style lounge chairs,
cushions and over-sized lamps and is set up to feel like a home style living


They have a selection of cakes available though we have yet
to try any of them.  Each time we have
been to Café Murasaki I have thought it would be a good place to bring the
laptop and settle down for a while to do some work, as a break from our


The coffee is fine, though not the best on the list, we like
this place as it has a nice feel, a good place to sit and have a chat over


Price for a cappuccino: 60THB


Bangkok is full of fantastic places to get a coffee, this post was just dedicated to the handful of good coffee shops we have discovered in our local area. I hope it helped you to find a new place for your next cup of coffee.

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