Renting a House in Hua Hin Thailand

Without a doubt the question we get asked the most about living in Hua Hin Thailand is, “Can you tell me more about renting a house there?”


The complex where our house rental is located

After responding to countless emails with the same answer we decided to write a quick post about how we found the Pet Friendly House we have been renting for almost 6 months.

Watch The House Tour Video For An Inside Look 

We found this house on a Facebook page called ‘Hua Hin Forum’, there are often posts with properties for rent or sale on this page, so it is worth checking out.

Properties on this forum are mainly private deals directly with the house owner rather than through a property agent, so it is much easier to organize a home without locking into a 12 month contract which is usually the standard in Thailand.

Before we settled on the house where we have been living in for the last 6 months, we went to view another house in Hua Hin which was priced at 10k Thai baht and was located nearer to the famous Kings Statues Tourist attraction. This property was also found through the same Facebook page. You can watch that day of home hunting in the video below.

Another site we used in our search for a home was Star Property Hua Hin. This website was one of the first online resources that we found that had properties within our budget of 10-15k Thai Baht. A lot of Hua Hin real estate companies start their price range from 25k upwards.

One of the main worries we had before moving to Hua Hin after living in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai previously, was if we would be able to afford the rental prices.  From previous searches in the area before moving here, we were faced with a lot of expensive houses and the majority of them that we found were out of our 15k maximum budget. Since coming here though, we have seen there are many houses in the area for 15,000 THB or less.  We have even seen small apartments for 6,000 – 10,000THB so we now know that it is possible to find properties in this price range in Hua Hin.

However if you have a dog and need a pet friendly house, it is harder to come by affordable houses. In the North of Thailand there was a greater amount of pet friendly homes for under 10k Baht per month on a 12 month contract arrangement.

We wanted to keep this post more about the rental resources that we found useful rather than a detailed description of where we live. But the videos above will give you a general idea of the standard of the properties you can find within a 15 minute drive from either Hua Hin or Chaam centre. When we leave this house in a June 2016 it will no longer be available for rent because the owner would prefer to sell it.

So if you are looking for a house to rent in Hua Hin check out:

* HUA HIN FORUM on facebook



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