Amazing Restaurant in Hua Hin, Crepes and Co

Crepes & Co, the best restaurant we found in Hua Hin

On our trip down from Chiang Mai to Hua Hin late last year with our friends Chris and Angela, we stumbled across what could possibly have been my most ideal restaurant.   Driving from our hotel into the main part of town, we saw a large but non-descript sign by the road side saying ‘Crepes & Co’ in big black letters, simply pointing off to the right.  Well, seeing as we all liked crepes, it would have been rude not to follow the sign.   

restaurant in hua hinThe entrance to Crepes & Co in Hua Hin

Crepes & Co is a fantastic fusion of Morocco, the Mediterranean, AND French Crepes all rolled into one.  Set around a large pretty garden, I think we definitely found the jackpot of restaurants in Hua Hin.

restaurant in hua hinThe outdoor seating area

Crepes & Co was everything I love in a restaurant, authentic food, Moroccan décor, amazing deserts, background music and a great ambiance, I loved it and yes, I am going to say it, It may as well have been my heaven.

restaurant in hua hin

As soon as my hungry eyes glanced over the typed delights on offer my mouth began to water.  A large decadent menu full of Mediterranean dishes from Greece and Spain, with an African influence of a large array of Moroccan eats.  

restaurant in hua hinAn Arabic meze of Falafel, Dips & Pita bread

restaurant in hua hin‘All day breakfast’ Crepe

restaurant in hua hin‘Bakers Basket’ complete with jams and homemade lemon curd

There are unique salads, a wide range of savory and sweet crepes, and a separate brunch menu where you can even go ‘off menu’ and create your own meal choosing from a large list of ingredients.    

restaurant in hua hin

As well as a delicious and tempting food menu, the beverages are nothing short of superb with the crowning glory for me, the Moroccan Mint tea, served in the traditional way, just like they do it in Morocco.

restaurant in hua hinMy delicious Moroccan mint tea

restaurant in hua hinGreat coffee & ‘baby biscuits!’ 

I can guarantee you will not be disappointed after a visit to Crepes & Co in Hua Hin, we loved it there, so much so that after our lazy couple of hours spent over a long breakfast on our first visit, we decided to go back the following evening after dinner in town.  We were craving a nice desert and so even after a big meal, it turns out, there’s always room for crepes!  

restaurant in hua hinOur car parked up outside Crepes & Co

We will definitely be making it our first point of call the next time we are down in Hua Hin. 

Crepes: “Thin, light, delicate pancakes originating from Brittany in Northwest France”

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