Sweet Mae Salong Cafe, Mae Salong

Sweet Mae Salong Cafe, A Sweet Café in a Sweet Town

Hidden in the remote village of Mae Salong in the northern hills of Thailand sits the rather charming Sweet Mae Salong café. 


On our 1st visit to the town we had spotted the signs for the place along the roadside and set out to enjoy a slice of the advertised cake, normally my sweet senses are quick at locating such delights, yet we didn’t manage to find it.  

sweet mae salong cafeLanterns outside the cafe 

When we re visited Mae Salong with my dad who was visiting us from Dubai, we struck gold and were enticed into Sweet Mae Salong for breakfast.  The wooden shop front must have been shut up on our 1st visit as we had to drive past it to go to our hotel & there’s no way we would have missed it the first time round!

sweet mae salong cafe

Walking into the café and straight to the tables out the back, over a rickety bamboo floor we sat down on wooden chairs to a wonderful view of the mountains, a gentle breeze flowing through, stroking our skin as we relaxed and took in our location.

sweet mae salong cafe

sweet mae salong cafe

After a quick peruse of the menu we all went for their set breakfast of eggs, ham, homemade bread and jam. 

sweet mae salong cafeScrambled Eggs with tasty homemade bread 

sweet mae salong cafe
Carrot Juice with Breakfast 

sweet mae salong cafe
Chai Latte 

After a round of coffees and despite the early hour Jmayel and I studied the cake menu and ordered 2 slices.  We couldn’t not try them out in a place naming themselves after their desserts.   

sweet mae salong cafe

A light and fluffy chocolate ’Midnight Mousse Cake’ was my sweet of choice.  Silky dark chocolate coated the inner white and milk layers of smooth mousse, with a line of hazelnut sponge through the center and a chocolate ‘coffee’ bean on top. 

sweet mae salong cafeMidnight Mousse 

While J went for a heavy ‘Chocolate Lava Cake’ with ice cream and raspberry sauce, a surprise macaroon adorned the plate which was a bonus for me, J doesn’t like them so it was passed my way! The warm chocolate pudding was delicious with the all-important gooey chocolate center spilling onto the white plate making an oozing puddle of hot chocolate sauce, mixing lovingly with the raspberry. 

sweet mae salong cafeWarm Chocolate Lava Cake

With my dad watching on as he sipped his black coffee, ‘can’t believe you’re eating that after those eggs’.  Eggs?  Did we eat eggs? 
All previous savory consumption melted into non-existence as our palates were coated with calorific chocolate desserts in the aptly named Sweet Mae Salong . 

sweet mae salong cafeMy Dad & Jmayel 

So the question is, will we be returning to Sweet Mae Salong on our inevitable next trip to Mae Salong….The answer being a big Yes (that’s if it’s open!) 

Google Map of Sweet Mae Salong: 

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