Swiss Lanna Lodge, a Pet Friendly Hotel in Chiang Mai

Review of Pet Friendly Hotel in Chiang Mai, Swiss Lanna Lodge

Arriving at Swiss Lanna Lodge, tucked away down a quiet soi not far from the Ping River, we received a very warm welcome from Miss Toto, one of the owners of Swiss Lanna lodge, a newly opened pet friendly hotel in Chiang Mai.   

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiSwiss Lanna Lodge in Chiang Mai 

Toto runs the Swiss Lanna lodge along with her business partner Marco, a well matched Asian and European team and where the hotel gets its name, a pairing of warm Lanna hospitality with an air of Swiss sophistication.

swiss lanna lodge chiang mai
The beautiful interior of Swiss Lanna Lodge

Our Hotel Video of Swiss Lanna Lodge

Checking into the hotel, we received a welcome and refreshing iced Thai tea on arrival. Toto then showed us around the small yet deluxe 7 roomed traditional wooden Lanna house, before personally opening the door and showing us to our garden suite, the Pasha Room.   

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiThe Pasha Room

We were delighted with the large open room with walk in closet area, a huge bed awaited us and the gorgeous Lanna décor gave a sumptuous feel to the room.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiThe Pasha Room Bathroom – Great Shower! 

Our room also had its own garden complete with Jacuzzi tub and a grassy area, which was great for Eden.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiJacuzzi Tub in the Pasha Suite 

Swiss Lanna Lodge is a great pet friendly hotel, with Toto herself being a dog lover, Eden welcomed all the extra attention and cuddles she got from all the staff!

swiss lanna lodge chiang mai swiss lanna lodge chiang maiEden getting her daily cuddles! 

Though it certainly is pet friendly they do ask that you email ahead to notify them if you are wanting to stay with a dog, especially a bigger breed, just to check that a suitable room will be available. 
The ground floor rooms are much more accommodating for pet owners as they all have direct access to outside space.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiEden resting in the garden 

I love it when you can tell a lot of care and thought has gone into something, and I got this from Swiss Lanna Lodge.  From the up to date magazines in the bedrooms, to the Lanna theme running throughout the entire house, with stunning furnishings and artworks adorning the walls.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiThe Majestic Tree Room (Bed is made from a Teak Tree) 

The rooms are themed, whether you are in the Buddha room, Elephant room or Lanna room, you will find yourself in a little bubble of tranquility.  Two of the upstairs rooms share a bathroom while the rest all have private facilities.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiEden enjoying her room 

There is a communal space on the upstairs level where you can sit and relax, read a book or just enjoy the breeze flowing through the Northern Thai architecture.  

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiPeaceful upstairs area 

There is a nice garden area at the front of the house with a hammock to relax in, Eden even made use of it herself!

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiHammock Doggie! 

The onsite café also has a fantastic breakfast menu, and is open until 11am, enough time to fuel up before a day out in Chiang Mai.   
They also offer a variety of services such as bicycle and moped rental, tour and transportation bookings, as well as a laundry service on request.

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiOnsite Cafe 

Swiss Lanna Lodge is such a warm and welcoming place, Toto is one of the nicest people I have met in a long time, and you will leave feeling like part of the family.

swiss lanna lodge chiang mai

swiss lanna lodge chiang maiToto & her lovely staff on our last day at Swiss Lanna Lodge 

I highly recommend staying at Swiss Lanna lodge, with or without a pet, it is a lovely quiet and peaceful house in a good location near to the Ping River. 

Map of Swiss Lanna Lodge, Pet Friendly Hotel in Chiang Mai:

View Swiss Lanna Lodge Chiang Mai in a larger map

If you would like to book a room at this hotel you can do so through the below links:

Swiss Lanna Lodge on

Swiss Lanna Lodge on

Local Hot Tip:

Namton’s House Bar 

Nearby to Swiss Lanna Lodge is a great newly opened restaurant, Namton’s House Bar, run by a very friendly husband and wife team.  

namtons house bar chiang mai  namtons house bar chiang mainamtons house bar chiang mai  namtons house bar chiang mai

They have conquered the unique cafe scene by choosing to not just be a run of the mill cafe/restaurant.
They stock a wide range of specialist craft beers from around the world and the interior design is fantastic. 

namtons house bar chiang mai  namtons house bar chiang mai

We went here a few times during our stay in Chiang Mai and we will definitely return next time we are in town. 

namtons house bar chiang mai

namtons house bar chiang mai

The food and drinks are unique and presented very well.  Attention to detail is key in this cafe and what had us going back for more each day. 

We highly recommend a visit  to Namton’s House Bar, its a great place to go for a meal or a drink whilst staying at Swiss Lanna Lodge.  

Map Of Namton’s House Bar, Chiang Mai

View Namton’s House Bar in a larger map

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